The Bad Apples are: Ashley Bottorff (Vocals), Bryce Martin (Guitar), Svend Lerche (Drums), Brendan Buckley (Drums) & Tommy Black (Bass)

ASHLEY: Ashley Winters was born on April 20, 1978 in St Joseph, Missouri. After several moves his parents settled in Springfield, Missouri where his father was a minister to the local Christian church. At age nine Ashley began to take piano lessons and teach himself to play the guitar. Several years later he began singing and writing songs; his strongest influences being the Beatles, Nirvana, and Marilyn Manson. At age 17, Ashley's father moved the family to Evergreen, Colorado to preach at a church in the mountains where Ashley then graduated from high school in 1996 and immediately left home to pursue a musical career. He spent time in Denver as well as Springfield Missouri before finally ending up in Hollywood. It was in Hollywood that he joined his first band called the "AstroPanties", in which he played bass and sang back-up vocals. In the year 2000 He recorded "Speed of Pain", a cover track for the Marilyn Manson tribute album and began playing shows with his new band "The Abominable (id)". After circulating a demo tape Ashley was introduced to Josh Richman, who subsequently managed and secured several development contracts for studio recording. In 2005 Ashley went on to record the album "Narrowcasting" for the band "Gods of the Radio" with which he joined and then toured in London playing the Glastonbury Festival. It was through Josh that Ashley was first introduced to Paul Oakenfold and joined the new group ..The Bad Apples.., which Oakenfold has proudly produced. Ashley is currently living in Los Angeles and working in support of the ..Bad Apples...

BRYCE: Bryce Martin was born and raised in Orange County California and currently lives there. He Began playing guitar at age 14 and started playing in bands at 16. He studied guitar with a musicians institute graduate and then began immersing himself into Hendrix, David Bowie, Jeff Beck and Led zeppelin. He..s also studied counterpoint and jazz composition. Bryce slugged it out in the L.A. club scene for years until he was recognized by a music contractor named Barry Squire. This led to many auditions and playing with numerous artists, touring the world, playing to thousands of fans and making incredible music. Now playing with the Bad Apples has the future looking bright!

SVEN: Svend Lerche was born in Denmark and grew up in the small town of Fredensborg outside Copenhagen. He started banging away at the age of 8 after getting a drumset for x-mas. He..s played in numerous local bands since age 15 and toured in Europe with a steeldrum band. Sven grew up listening to Beatles from birth since his dad was a big fan. They remain a major influence on his musical career. Others that have influenced Sven..s unique brand of drumming are: The Ramones, The Clash, Sound Garden, U2, Radiohead and Muse, to name a few. Sven moved to The US at age 21, spending a year in Boston and then set off for Los Angeles where played with many hightly established artists such as Robbie Krieger, Bonnie McKee, The Troys, Garrison Starr, Jennifer Nash. John Avila and Steve Bartek (Oingo Boingo) & Ben Carrey (Life House). As one of the two eyebrow raising drummers in The Bad Apples, Sven..s talents have found a great match.

BRENDAN: Brendan Buckley grew up in the New Jersey areas of Morristown and Mount Arlington. The accessibility to New York City during his childhood and High School years provided plenty of musical inspiration. At the age of 18, he packed his Ford Escort and moved to Miami, Florida to attend the University of Miami..s School of Music. While there, he became immersed in the city..s diverse rock, latin, and jazz scenes. At the time of graduation, he released an album and toured with the rock band Fulano De Tal (BMG), featuring singer/songwriter Elsten Torres. A year later, he played drums with Julio Iglesias (the papa) for his "Tango" tour. Brendan left this tour to record an album for the Colombian popstar Shakira. Since then, he has done four more albums and three tours with the South American artist. During that span of years, Brendan also found time to record with DMX, Lauren Hill, Gloria Estefan, Spam All-Stars, Nil Lara, Mariana Ochoa, Julio Iglesias Jr, Alejandra Guzman, Alih Jey, Zach Zisken, The Kind, Popvert, Clambake 2000, Monte Rosa, B.D. Lenz, Diane Ward, Raw B. Jae, Sixo, Pedro Suarez Vertiz, Soledad, Natalia Oriero, Fernando Osorio, Gayle Ritt, Pete Masitti, Shalim, and Maria Bestár.
In 2004, Brendan moved to Los Angeles to further his career in music. Over the past two years, he has continued to write and produce with Shakira and Fulano, while also performing and recording with artists such as: experimental rock band Pedestrian, actress/songwriter Minnie Driver, heart-throb Michael Miller, Peter Bradley Adams, the lovely Kristin Mooney, Peter Himmelman, key-master Rami Jaffee, Cherie, Michael Mangia, Richard Page, Brie Larson, Jimena, Devil Doll, Sheila Nicholls, Cameron Jaymes, Zak Schaffer, Shira Myrow, Jennifer Peña, Kelly Sweet, Benny Strange, and Brandi Flores (plus doing tv commercial jingles for Reebok, Pepsi, Hyundai, and Marshalls). At the moment, he can be caught on tour with Shakira, or sipping cappuccinos and making music locally in the Los Angeles area. Brendan and Sven have come together to give the Bad Apples a unique and cutting-edge duel-drummer sound.

TOMMY: Tommy Black is feeling a bit shy right now but we..ll hear more from him soon. Stay tuned!